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What People are Saying

The TRE class was life changing. I went in feeling anxious and depressed due to very challenging life circumstances. I left 1&1/2 hours later feeling freer and happier than I've felt in several years.  Now, it's weeks later and I continue to feel great. Anxiety and depression seem to be behind me. Thank you Nan!  ~  Elena D.

I'm so grateful to have been in your workshop yesterday.  Life's been pretty crazy lately and though I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle it all, you put me at ease right away.  I felt both free to be and well-cared for at the same time.  Bonus:  best night's rest I've had in years!   - Suzanne C

"..such a great session today.  The pain in by back was going to make me miss today's meeting but I'm glad I went as I must have shaken it out of me somehow.  It's gone now."  - Margaret

"I can't believe something so simple, with virtually no physical impact, can relieve tension the way this TRE class did. I’m sold!” ~ Terry M   

"Nan Ayers' TRE workshop is a must for anybody experiencing anxiety or stress on any level.  In the relaxed environment, I felt very comfortable working on my own body while in the company of others."

~Molly M.


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